Signs remind drivers of high crash areas

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Wichita Police have placed signs at high crash areas to caution drivers.

This week, the temporary mobile trailer can be found west of Pawnee and Seneca.

"Great tools. They gather a lot of data, as well as we're able to convey a message," said Sgt. Jess Hancock, Wichita Police. "Where we can't have an officer there 24 hours a day, they are there 24 hours a day putting that message out for us."

The signs have a radar that collects information, such as speeds and volumes of traffic, to determine when to increase traffic enforcement.

"It measures the speed of the cars going by, just for us. So we can get an average speed, times of the day when the highest speeds are occurring. We use that for enforcement operations," said Hancock.

The message currently reads: High crash area. Drive with care.

Some drivers who live near the intersection said it is a welcomed sign.

"If you can just help one person slow down and pay attention, that's better than none at all," said Denise Magruder, driver.

"I hope that people read it and see the difference that they're trying to bring and hopes to stop the crashes," said Kaila Smith, driver.

The top accident locations remain on Kellogg.

  1. Kellogg and Rock, 51 crashes
  2. Kellogg and Broadway, 48 crashes
  3. Kellogg and Seneca, 41 crashes
  4. Kellogg and Greenwich, 30 crashes
  5. Rock Road and K-96, 25 crashes
  6. Kellogg and Eisenhower Airport, 25 crashes
  7. Kellogg and Webb, 24 crashes
  8. Kellogg and Hillside, 23 crashes
  9. Kellogg and Washington, 21 crashes
  10. Kellogg and Meridian, 19 crashes

Other high accident locations in the city include:

  1. Pawnee and Seneca, 17 crashes
  2. 47th Street and Hydraulic, 12 crashes
  3. Douglas and Main, 12 crashes
  4. 47th Street and Broadway, 10 crashes
  5. Douglas and Washington, 9 crashes