Your Sneaker Buying Guide: How to Pick out a Pair That Will Last


Sneaker Buying Guide

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You get to work after your morning jog and your feet are killing you. You’re not sure what you did but you’re having issues standing up at the counter. Chances are, it’s nothing specific that you did.

It’s your old sneakers wearing out on you. See as your shoes age, they stop supporting your feet like they are designed to do. So, you may be able to get a little relief by doing some shoe shopping.

To help you find a pair of shoes that will last a bit longer this time, here is a quick buying guide for men’s sneakers.

1. What Is Your Activity of Choice

If you’re buying new shoes to wear on your morning jog then you’ll need to pick up running shoes. If you play tennis then you’ll need to get tennis shoes. Seeing a pattern?

Manufacturers make shoes with activity in mind. This is so they create a product that will perform well and decrease your chances of injury. For example, running shoes tend to be sturdy and provide a lot of extra support in the ankle region.

If you pick up a pair of cheaper tennis shoes instead you may injure yourself because of the lack of support around your ankles.

2. Get Fitted No Matter What

Okay, so you were a size 12 when you were in high school. That doesn’t mean that you are still a size 12. Your feet may have grown since the last time you bought shoes.

If you’ve gone through a significant weight gain or weight loss chances are your size has changed. Asking the clerk to size you have other benefits other than figuring out your size.

They can give you suggestions based on your foot shape and arch so it’s more likely that you’ll end up with the best product for your foot.

3. Don’t Shop Based on Brand

We know, you want the best Fashion Men’s Sneaker around but hear us out. Don’t shop based on brands. If you do then you’re only limiting yourself.

For one, the company that you like may not even make shoes that go with the sport that you perform. For two, you never know what you’ll find. The best shoe for you could be by a brand that you’ve never seen before.

4. Go Late in the Day

This is going to sound like a strange bit of advice considering most people like to get their shopping done in the mornings but go in the late afternoon. The later it gets the larger your feet get because they swell as the day goes on.

It’s better to have a shoe that’s slightly too large than one that is squeezing your foot a bit too tight.

Pick Out a Pair of Men’s Sneakers That Will Last a While

Are your sneakers starting to make your feet ache? It’s possible that they are no longer providing your feet with the support that they need. Keep this buying guide in mind when you go buy a new pair of men’s sneakers and get a pair that will last.

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