Students ticketed for vaping at one Goddard school

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The legal age to vape is 18, but that's not stopping kids from getting their hands on them. 

Goddard School District is cracking down on students who bring vapes to school.

In the last week, police cited six students for vaping on campus at Eisenhower high school.

"I don't think they're very smart for bringing them in the first place because everyone knows it's dangerous," says Baylee Sadivar, a junior at the school.

The youngest student cited is 15 years old. 

Baylee Salvidar and Alyssa Lucky say they don't see any vapes inside the halls of the high school, but they know their peers are using them during school hours.

"I think it's important to learn about the dangers because I mean, it is very dangerous and it can affect multiple things with your body," says junior, Alyssa Lucky.

Last week, The Goddard School Board voted to file a lawsuit against Juul and any other companies that manufacture and market vapes or E-cigarettes.

School officials say strategic marketing for the devices that targets kids is to blame for what they're calling a crisis for both middle and high school students. 

In addition to the suit, the school is also working with students about why they shouldn't use vapes.

"We actually had a health class and we had a portion in class where we learned about how dangerous it can be," says Saldivar.

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