Motorcycle thefts on the rise in Wichita

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The Wichita Police Department released statistics Friday morning at city hall revealing a spike in stolen motorcycles.

According to police Lieutenant Scott Brunow, 52 motorcycles have been stolen so far this year. Between Aug. 1 and Sept. 16 13 motorcycles have been stolen.

"They're just easy to steal," Brunow said.

There has been an uptick in stolen motorcycles near the patrol east bureau in Wichita, Brunow said at city hall Friday. The main areas where they are being stolen are apartment complexes.

"Apartment complexes do lead in the statistics of motorcycles being stolen," Brunow said.

This hits close to home for one Wichita woman who experienced someone almost stealing her motorcycle because she saw the damage left behind after they tried at her apartment complex. 

"There was some damage on the actual key hole where somebody had taken, probably a screw driver, and just tried to turn it over," Amelia Shepard said. 

However, Shepard said it didn't come as a surprise to her.

"I've heard stories all over of people trying to steal bikes from apartments," she said.

She's bought things to keep her year and a half old motorcycle from getting stolen.

"The first things that I did was actually go out and buy some of the security devices," Shepard said.

Now, she said she is watching it a lot closer knowing the news she's heard about motorcycle thefts and since she lives in an apartment complex, she might rethink her location if she decides to move again.

"I would look at places that have actual garage units that you can like store bikes in," she said.

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