Wichita FOP endorses Brandon Whipple for Mayor

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For the first time in years, the Wichita Fraternal Order of Police is endorsing a mayoral candidate. Brandon Whipple is recognized by the FOP because of his mission to improve public safety.

"Moving forward, we're very excited about this endorsement. I think it brings credibility to the policy platform that we're running on," says State Representative Brandon Whipple. 

State Representative Whipple celebrated with his family on Friday in front of city hall. Robert Schmeidler is the President of Wichita FOP. He says Whipple's plans for public safety are why the union chose to endorse a mayoral candidate, "one of the things we've been stressing for a long time, trying to get more manpower, and female power, more officers on the street to be able to make the city what it was once again." 

Each mayoral candidate had the opportunity to present their ideas to the Wichita FOP.  "It was an overwhelmingly unanimous decision that we wanted to back representative Whipple. He has the same envisions that we would like to see for the citizens of Wichita and public safety," says Schmeidler. 

Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwelll tells KAKE News he wasn't surprised about the endorsement. What matters most to him is, "the endorsement of the people on voting day." 

For Whipple and his family, this is a huge feather in his cap when it comes to the issue of public safety, "so we really believe that Wichita is what we make it and we want to have a bottom up approach when it comes to policy because Wichita's best days lie ahead if we all work together."

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