Watch out: It’s copperhead birthing season, officials warn

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Officials want to remind people in the Heartland to watch out for baby copperheads.

This is the time of year that the venomous snakes are having babies, according to the Oklahoma Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association.

Officials said Wednesday on Facebook that September is the time of the year when copperheads are born, and that they're born with venom and ready to defend themselves. 

A mother snake generally gives birth to about eight to 10 of the critters, so if you find one, officials warn that there are others around.

“The babies will keep those greenish/yellow tips on their tails for about a year. These snakes are not generally aggressive but will bite if you are unfortunate enough to touch or step on one,” the Facebook post says.

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Officials said people should not reach under bushes, around rocks or even flowerpots without looking first, KOCO reports.

Copperheads aren't rare in Kansas, according to Marc Murrell with the Great Plains Nature Center in Wichita. He says the Fall River-Toronto area is probably in the heart of their range. 

Mike Miller, chief of information at the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and Tourism and Daren Riedle, a wildlife diversity coordinator, say the state is home to a variety of pit vipers and venomous snakes including massasauga rattlers and copperheads.

Click here for information about venomous snakes in Kansas. 

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