New transfer rule changing Kansas high school athletics

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The Kansas State High School Athletics Association changed their transfer rule Wednesday night for the state of Kansas forcing transfers to sit out one full year starting in the 2020-2021 school year.

The rule comes as a change to the old rule that forced transfers to sit out only 18 weeks or roughly one school semester. This would allow a player to be eligible for their next semester's sports season.

"It certainly is an intent to prohibit school shopping or to reduce school shopping for the purposes of activity participation," Bill Faflick said, executive director for the Kansas State High School Athletics Association.

According to Faflick, the rule was changed to help level the playing field among high schools and their athletics teams. Also, he said they wanted to build a mentality for schools to win with the kids in their communities.

"Because transfer students can come in and take roster spots away from, playing time away from, maybe even starting positions away from a kid who has been there," he said.

There are exceptions to the change. If families make a physical move, that being moving homes or apartments, or if the player has hardship case, something unexpected or giving them no choice but to move schools, they can still be immediately eligible. Some parents who have teenagers in sports aren't very happy about how it may turn out for the players.

"It limits the flexibility of some of the kids that are the more serious athletes," Brian Miller said. A father whose son plays soccer at North High School.

Miller said his son has played soccer since he was 8 years old. Now, a senior in high school, he said he's seen some transfers affect his son's high school soccer team.

"There were several students last year that transferred to be on different teams," he said.

However, he said it hasn't bothered him. His son's friend and former teammate transferred to Wichita Heights High School who his son now plays against. Although he is opposed to the rule, he said he still understands why they changed it.

"I'd probably lean a little against it but I do see both sides," Miller said.

According to Faflick, the high school rule changed. However, the rule for middle school will stay at a player sitting out for roughly one semester before becoming eligible to play again.

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