ON YOUR SIDE GETS ANSWERS: border wall-funding and Eisenhower Airport renovations


The proposed border wall is on a lot of minds, and that sparked a question from KAKE-News viewer Susan, who reached out on Facebook, asking us, "Since POTUS is dipping into the defense budget to build his wall, will any projects be cancelled at McConnell or Ft. Riley as a result?"

We reached out to both bases for comment. Representatives with Fort Riley and McConnell Air Force Base say at this time, no projects will be delayed or cancelled due to border wall-funding.

NPR cites documents showing no projects will be impacted at bases in Kansas.

We also got a question about Eisenhower Airport.

Edwin e-mailed KAKE-News, asking about renovations in the West end of the airport and gate 12.

Eisenhower Airport Media Representative Valerie Wise tells KAKE-News the West end of the airport is being renovated for storage, an operations office and some garage space.

As far as Gate 12 goes, no airline is leasing the gate, so yes, it's empty, but it's ready for flights.

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