Athlete of the Week: McPherson's Cody Stufflebean

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At 6-4 and 235 pounds, McPherson’s Cody Stufflebean stands out among the crowd.

“He’s a guy that puts up some outstanding measurables, but he’s also a film guy too,” said McPherson head coach, Jace Pavlovich. “You pop the film on and you notice he has a motor and he gets things done.”

The two-way star for the Bullpups has had a busy offseason as college football programs have swooped in to try and land his commitment.

“It was kind of crazy because they all kind of came at once so that’s a lot to take in in that small amount of time instead of them being spaced out,” Stufflebean told KAKE.

He ultimately spurned other power 5 schools such as Wisconsin, Colorado, and Virginia Tech to play for the K-State Wildcats.

“When I went to camp over the summer and Klieman came up and shook my hand and said I want to offer you,” Stufflebean said. “It was kind of just a different feeling than all the other offers. Then I saw Mom and Dad over to the sideline and then they started tearing up. I think it was just a kind of guaranteed sign that that’s where I wanted to go.”

Before the influx of interest from Division 1 schools, Cody had a much different path in mind.

“My freshman and sophomore year I was planning on going to Hutch JUCO and maybe throwing the javelin and following in Mom and Dad’s footsteps and then transferring later to K-State and get my degree and so this has definitely changed things a lot,” Stufflebean said.

It’s easy to see why Klieman and his staff made Cody a priority. His junior year he totaled 150 tackles, 7 for loss and 6 sacks. Stufflebean’s talent isn’t just causing headaches for other teams, it’s also helping his teammates improve.

“They know when they’re going up against Cody that they have a large task ahead of them so technique becomes crucial and our guys have gotten a lot better because of that,” Pavlovich said.

“Cody’s a competitor, he always works to be the best and he’s always giving you good looks,” said his teammate, Mason Thrash. “He never loafs.”

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