"Saturday is a special day for us," WSU set to host Nebraska in fall opener

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"Without a doubt Saturday is a special day for us," said first year Wichita State baseball coach Eric Wedge. "In a lot of ways it's a starting point for these young people and for myself."

Wichita State's fall opener against Nebraska will also be exciting for Shocker fans. 

Wedge has been on the job for about four months now. When WSU hired him, many hoped it would be the first step in reinvigorating the program. 

We get our first glimpse at the new look Shockers baseball team this weekend. The game against Nebraska doesn't count but it will be Wedge's first real action as the Shockers' head coach.

Wedge knows that Wichita is a great baseball city. He's lived it. Wedge hopes WSU fans get the itch to come out to the ballpark on Saturday, as he tries to get the Shockers back on the winning path.

"Now is the time to get on board, Because not too far from now everyone will be. Right now get on board here and watch the process and be a part of that process as we build, and as these kids continue to work and get better.  This was a special program for a long time, it's going to be a special program again," said Wedge.

"The only thing we're not sure about is the time table. Nobody is smart enough, myself included, to figure that one out. What we can do is make sure we do everything we need to do every single day, continue to build and eventually you'll knock that door down."

First pitch against the Huskers is set for Saturday at 2 p.m. Wedge says they'll play 11 or 12 innings.