Team of the Week: Wichita West Pioneers

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Before last week, it had been been 19 years since West last defeated Kapaun Mount Carmel on the gridiron. A fact not lost on the Pioneers. 

"We circled this date," said West head coach Weston Schartz.  "We thought we should have won last year. Circled this game, we had to win this game."

From the opening snap, West was determined to control the line of scrimmage and establish their running game. 

"We're running off tackle. We kind of beat him up at the end. It's not a secret where we want to go," said Schartz. "I think the line did a good job of making a play."

The Pioneers dominated the game from start to finish, as they scored 34 points and held the Crusaders scoreless. 

"Came back eight years ago, I wanted to be interviewed," said Schartz. "That means that we're playing in big games. I told the guys we hadn't done that in awhile."

:This win was amazing. We all had the right assignments," said West junior tight end A.J. McCullough "We all blocked we all scored. It was a fun time this was the best time we had in years." 

West's victory is a great milestone for a program which boasts 17 sophomores. The Pioneers also understand they still have miles to go. 

"It's like the old saying, now we're going to walk into the schoolyards and there's two bullies there, Carroll and Northwest," said Schartz. "We're just going to give them our best shot. They're both great programs. You know what we're going to play them both hard."