Peabody woman claims police took over 30 minutes to respond to her home

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Kayla Good is taking precautions, putting up a board, so no one can get inside her Peabody home. The mother of two young kids is terrified after an attack early Sunday morning on her doorstep.

It all started around 4 in the morning. She looked outside to see a stranger standing in her yard. She called 911 and while she waited for police, the man starting yelling and banging on the door, she called police a second time. For a long 35 minutes she anxiously waited for the cops, "but anything could've happened in 35 minutes. And it just haunts me that i don't feel protected."

When officers finally arrived, the man was gone. When they left to check the area, the man returned again. That's when he choked and hit her across the face. 

"Thankfully, I was able to shove him off and just get back in the house and slam the door. I didn't see his face. At that point, his hood was over his head."

Good tells KAKE News she was told the officer was on-call, coming from Newton. The Peabody Police Chief declined an on-camera interview but says the officer responded to the call appropriately. He wouldn't say anything about why it took 35 minutes for police to arrive.  

"I know they had some plans to do things tomorrow, but to me, I just feel like that's crazy. I feel like four days after something like that happened. It's not like I just saw someone in the street, someone assaulted me," says Good. 

Good's children are staying at their dad's for now and she's hoping she can get some answers soon. 

"We're a small community and everyone looks out for each other, but I think we have the right to be protected." 

Since the story aired, the Peabody Police Department released a statement saying,

"A newly hired officer who was on call, responded from Newton, Kansas where he currently resides, which is allowed by the City of Peabody Personnel Policies and Guidelines. This officer has already purchased a home in peabody, and is currenlty in the process of making it ready for his occupancy. The officer will be moving to the community in the very near future." 

The suspect is described as a 5'11" white male, around 170 lbs wearing a dark hoodie and dark colored baseball hat. 

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