Rabid bat found in Riverside

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Photo: Animal Services section of WPD Photo: Animal Services section of WPD

The Animal Services section of the Wichita Police Department has reported that a bat found in the Riverside area has recently tested positive for rabies. 

A news release from the Animal Services section of the Wichita Police department says the bat was found in the 1100 block of North Perry.

The rabies virus is found in the saliva of a rabid animal and can be transmitted through a bite or possibly by contamination of an open wound. The virus can infect warm-blooded mammals, including humans. 

About 95% of animals that are diagnosed with rabies in the U.S. include: bats, racoons, skunks, groundhogs, foxes, cats, and dogs. 

Rabies is a preventable virus when precautionary measures are taken. Wichita Animal Services recommends the following steps to protect yourself and others from rabies: 

  1. Vaccinate your pets against rabies.
  2. Keep Dogs on a leash when outside a fenced yard. Never allow them to run away and keep cats inside. If your pet has contact with wildlife, please report it to the Wichita Animal Services section at 316-350-3360
  3. Animal Proof your home and yard. make sure all garbage containers have tight fitting lids. Do not leave pet food outside or feed your pets outside, keep your yard free of garbage and debris.
  4. Enjoy wildlife from a distance. DO NOT try to feed, approach, touch, or rescue wild animals. If you see a wild mammal acting unusual in the area, report it to the Wichita Animal Services section.
  5. Report any animal showing signs of unusual behavior. 
    • aggressiveness
    • increased saliva or drooling
    • sickly appearance
    • wild animals may act as if they are tame or friendly
    • Loss of coordination, paralysis, or difficulty moving
  6. Clean area around wounds. If you're ever bitten or scratched by any animal, wash the exposed area with soap and water. Seek immediate medical care and be sure to report the incident to Wichita Animal Services at 316-350-3360

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