Ag Innovation Day at the Kansas State Fair


The Kansas State Fair hosted it's second annual agriculture innovation day Friday for people to learn about new inventions that help Kansas farmers and the public.

Combines, and other inventions sat outside, while vendors in the Pride of Kansas building showed off their products. This, giving attendees a wide scope of what Kansas agriculture has grown to be and what it has to offer.

“All the way from the manufacturers that have brought new technology, to inventors, to the farmers that are adopting and adapting to new technology that keeps Kansas agriculture on the cutting edge," said Kyle Bauer, an employee of the contractor who helped set up the event.

Some vendors were offering products that are relatively new to the state of Kansas. That being hemp and CBD products.

“All we set out to do is help people," said Larry Sherrod, the owner of Soya Essence, an essential oils company. "We do it through agriculture basically.”

Sherrod is a certified aromatherapist. He said some of their products at his business are made with products grown here in the sunflower state, including soy. According to him, they have found that it helps people with certain issues.

“Sinus release issues, pain relief issues,” he said.

Some vendors outside had different inventions that helped in the fields for farmers.

"This is a row unit, single row unit, from our corn head that’s been modified to harvest sorghum,” said Alan VanNahmen, a manager at Kopper Kutter LLC that sells the product.

VanNahmen said the machinery was created and designed in western Kansas, but is now sold all over the country. It connects to combines and is used to harvest sorghum, sunflowers and hemp. According to VanNahmen, it also makes farmers jobs easier.

“Farmers realize the savings in productivity," he said. "Reduce fuel costs, reduce grain loss.”

According to officials at the event like Bauer, not very many people are in agriculture anymore. So, he said, events like these are help those people that don't know how it works, understand it.

“Just all the new things that are coming on that keep the food fiber and fuel in front of the American consumer," Bauer said.

The last day for the state fair is Sunday September, 15.

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