Boy creates heartwarming 'Up' photoshoot with 90-year-old great-grandparents

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A 5-year-old boy was given a special gift for his birthday when his mother, a part-time photographer, told her son he could do any fun, fantasy photoshoot he wanted.

The boy, Elijah, chose to do an "Up"-themed shoot. The Disney Pixar classic is his favorite film.

Yahoo reports the photoshoot went beyond Elijah just dressing up as Russell, the boy from the film. He had the ideas to include his 90-year-old great-grandparents to portray the characters Carl and Ellie. Richard and Caroline Bain -- their real names -- were happy to participate.

Elijah's mother, Rachel, posted the amazing results to Facebook.

Soon after Elijah and his twin sister were born five years ago, Rachel was diagnosed with cancer. She said she had fears she wouldn't be able to see their fifth birthdays. She picked an incredible way to celebrate the occasion.