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Spending time in nature reduces stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to head to the nearest hiking trail to enjoy its benefits. But if you’re looking to unwind in the great outdoors, you don’t have to go far.

With a few additions, you can transform even a boring and barren backyard into a stunning backyard oasis. It might sound expensive, but you can pull it off on nearly any budget.

Ready to enjoy the health benefits of a private retreat without using your vacation days? Here are seven backyard oasis ideas that will impress friends and family alike.

1. Create a Stream or Water Feature

There’s something therapeutic about the sound of flowing water. No matter your budget, you can bring this magic into your outdoor oasis. Even a small water feature gets the job done as long as it’s loud enough to be heard throughout your backyard.

The easiest and cheapest option is to purchase an outdoor fountain. These are often made of stone and designed with a natural aesthetic. It’s best to shop for these in-person so you can hear them in action before you buy.

For larger budgets, you can have a professional contractor install a custom water feature. This might be a small collection of rocks and pebbles or something larger, such as a functioning artificial stream.

2. Install a Small Pool for Your Backyard Oasis

It’s not a small backyard oasis without water. What’s more important than the sound of flowing water? A body of water you can actually use.

Many people don’t believe their backyard has room for a traditional swimming pool. And they’d be right. But what they don’t know is they could consider a small pool, also known as a spool.

These smaller pools are better on the budget, easier to install, and cozier than the traditional family-size.

Best of all, they can serve as gorgeous water features when not in use. Check out these pools for a good example of both their beauty and functionality.

3. Plant a Natural Wall

The foundation of any backyard oasis requires the right kind of vegetation. The types you choose are completely up to you. However, you should choose plants that are both colorful and massive.

Why? Because you’re knocking out two birds with one stone. Your choice of plants will provide bursts of color and sweet scents that transform your backyard.

But also if you choose bulkier, taller plants, they’ll add more privacy. If your fence isn’t getting the job done, consider planting a cherry laurel or ivy trellis. These plants will grow tall and high and shield you from the prying eyes of your neighbors.

4. Construct a Comfortable Seating Area

Once you’ve created the right atmosphere for the backyard oasis, you need a place to soak it all in. It’s commonplace to hold outdoor furniture on a deck. However, this seating arrangement is too close to the house for comfort.

Explore your backyard for a place you find the most relaxing. This may be under a tree, close to a water feature, or beside your small pool. It’s here where you should create a place of relaxation.

Throw down an outdoor rug and drag over your favorite seating. You might also consider creating a hammock or purchasing its free-standing variant.

5. Set up Shade

If you’re lucky, the vegetation in your backyard will keep the sun out of your eyes and off your skin. But odds are, you’ll need some shade during certain hours of the day. Patio umbrellas are an affordable option, but they’re unsightly and offer limited coverage.

A pergola is a more effective choice. Once you throw a sheet over its lattice top, you’ll have an entire outdoor room of shade. You can also use a pergola to bolster your privacy further by hanging drapes along its sides.

If a pergola will break the budget, just make use of your surroundings. You can run a sheet over the lower branches of a tree or at a corner of your backyard fence.

6. Don’t Forget the Lights

Plan on using your oasis during the evening, night, or morning hours? You’ll want to invest in some lighting to keep the space functional. Thankfully, outdoor lighting options are cheap and versatile.

Run some string lights or colorless Christmas lights from above. They’ll frame the space with whimsical charm without being overbearing.

If your backyard features a small walkway, that’s also an opportunity to add style. Invest in some path lighting that matches the aesthetic of your backyard.

7. Fire It Up

When autumn is in full swing, you don’t have to say goodbye to your oasis. A fire pit is a cheap way to stay warm during chilly nights. It also serves as an excellent gathering place and a focal point.

Small fire pits are available if you plan on using one alone. However, you might also want to install a larger version for the entire family to enjoy.

Familiarize yourself with your area’s fire code before getting to work. Some areas only allow fire pits under certain conditions.

An Outdoor Oasis for Any Budget

Imagine being a few steps away from paradise at all times. You don’t have to spend big money on big results. With just a few items, you can have the backyard oasis of your dreams.

A small pool, a few hedges, and a trickling water fountain can convert any backyard into something beautiful and relaxing. And if your budget allows, consider some additions such as a dining and cooking area.

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