Tasting Tuesday at Kansas State Fair brings $2 deals on food


At the Kansas State Fair Tuesday, it's all about the food.

Just like every year, Tuesday is Tasting Tuesday, when vendors offer discounts to try their treats.

"Fried pickle sample," a vendor calls out to an awaiting customer.

"Deep-fried Oreos," a fair attendee orders.

Funnel cakes, cheese quesadillas and half-sized Pronto Pups are just a few of the $2 options for fair-goers on Tuesday.

"The Bacon Bomb is a seasoned meatball, wrapped in bacon, with a sweet sauce with a kick," Bonna Reusser, a vendor, describes.

On Tasting Tuesday, Kansas State Fair vendors offer smaller portions of some of their menu items for $2.

"That's why we came today, actually, is because of the two dollar Taster Tuesday. We want lots of fair food for a cheaper price," says Angie Hubbard.

"Instead of having a huge thing that you can eat like one or two of at the State Fair, you get to try a bunch of little things that are only stuff you'd ever get at the State Fair," Daniel Rothe explains.

From new foods, to tried and true treats, you'll find it at the fair Tuesday, for a deal.

"We love fried pickles, love regular pickles, $2, we're going to try as many things as we can for two dollars," adds Anne Rothe.

When it comes to finding your favorite food, grab a map or download the State Fair app, which even lets you search for exactly what kind of deep-fried food you fancy.

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