Prairie Rose owners are looking to sell

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The Prairie Rose entertainment experience is something Greg Johnson and his wife, JW, never imagined for their life. "When we pulled in gates and saw it, we realized this is the place for us and we thought we could do the most good right here," says Johnson. The Johnson's just wanted a place to host their cowboy church, but Prairie Rose became their biggest blessing.

Now, after 12 years, and four spinal surgeries for Greg, the Johnson's are selling. "It's been a really difficult decision. And actually we've kind of kept our foot in the door for awhile here trying to make it happen and we just haven't wanted to walk away, but it's time," says JW.

Even the though the Chuckwagon Dinners are the main attraction, Prairie Rose is 77 acres of a true western experience. 

Orin Friesen has worked at Prairie Rose since the day it opened, he says this isn't a job for him, it's an honor, "well you know I've got a lot of heart and soul and blood, sweat and tears in the place, so it's very sad. But I understand the reasons why." 

The Johnson's just hope whoever takes it over, will carry on their faith-based philosophy, "it would be wonderful, because that's what this place was made for."  "as long as it's for the glory of god, it would be wonderful," says Greg. 

The owner's are expecting a full crowd every night until they close, so they suggest you reserve your spot. Shows will continue through the holidays, with one last dinner and dance on new year's eve. 

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