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You may be craving a wild experience – to be free and close to nature. The best way to do this is to go camping. According to a North American Camping report, the number of new camper households has increased by 7 million since 2014.

Do you have a deep love for the outdoors and looking to start your RV adventure? Unexpected factors like weather and logistics can cause some challenges.

Motorhome camping alleviates these problems and increases your comfort and convenience in your wilderness adventure.

Check out this complete guide to modern motorhome camping.

Your Ultimate Guide to Motorhome Camping

You can easily get started and have an amazing motorhome camping experience. This recreational activity needs a recreational vehicle (RV). It makes it easy for you to live comfortably while on the move.

However, you will need to choose between buying and hiring depending on which makes financial sense your camping needs. You would also have to consider buying trailer tires so that your vehicle can remain steady over the rugged terrains.

Read on to get the tips on how you may go about your motorhome camping experience.

Plan Your Camping Activities

To have the ultimate experience and avoid instances of unmet expectations, you need to plan your trip and map out the places you would like to visit along with the activities that you would want to do.

You can also look up the stops that you can make along the way. The season in which you will be camping determines the type of RV you will need. Remember, it will be your home on wheels.

If you are camping during winter, you need an RV with heated water tanks and better insulation.

If you are camping over the summer, your RV of choice should be one with air conditioning. Belonging to camping organizations, such as the American Automobile Association (AAA) or Good Sam, is a wise choice as you may get guides and estimates of your planned camping experience.

Camping Grounds

You will be spoiled with the amount of choices you have because many national parks and state parks in the US offer beautiful campgrounds on which you may enjoy your camping experience. If you are going camping over a peak season, you may make early reservations so as not to miss a spot.

If you are a frequent camper, you may opt to purchase a national park pass. This will give you value for your money as you will be able to stay in several RV parks in the USA.

You can then familiarize yourself with the rules of the motorhome campgrounds beforehand to know what may be termed as an illegal activity. It is always good to practice camp etiquette.

Be Well-Prepared

You will be living in the outdoors and some unfortunate experiences may happen. Therefore, you ought to have thought of every setback and ways to react to them. For starters, since you are probably be setting off on unfamiliar paths, you need to use a map or have your GPS on.

Should you miss space on a camping grounds, you may look for the nearest place to spend overnight and then go hunting for a campground the following day!

Camping with Children

In some families, camping is a family activity that includes everyone, young and old. To make this an enjoyable trip for the children, get them involved in the trip by asking them to spot animals or famous attractions.

You may have them act as guides and give them a map. In the RV, you may make a comfortable space for them so that they may retreat and rest after the overwhelming activities. Driving at night is also an option because the children will most likely be asleep and you may cover longer distances and have less frequent stops.

Whenever you make a stop, you can allow the children to have a bathroom break and stretch their legs a little.

Document Your Experience

Memories can last for a lifetime, but they are even better when captured. You may document your camping experience by taking photos, videos, or writing about it. This will give you something to look forward to until the next camping season.

You may also opt to share your experiences online and who knows, you may inspire someone who watches or reads your blogs.

Saving Money as You Go Camping

RVing is an activity for which you need a budget, since it may get expensive while you live on the road and at the campgrounds.

Some saving tips include staying at a camp over a longer period to enjoy better rates, visiting free museums and attending free events, and joining clubs that offer great benefits to frequent campers.

Examples of such camping clubs that you may consider getting membership in are Passport America and RoverPass. While driving, you should enjoy the scenery, driving at a maximum speed of 55mph. This will give you better gas mileage and you will use fuel optimally.

You should empty the water tank before hitting the road and if possible, avoid driving against strong winds.

Earn Money While Camping

If you would like to earn some money while camping, you may consider being a campground host. Such a job may allow you to stay in one campground for a considerable amount of time without having to pay camping fees.

Once done, you may move to another camping ground. As a camp host, your job will be welcoming and interacting with campers, collecting the camping fees, and engaging in problem-solving and maintenance work.

Enjoy All Weathers Camping with a Motorhome Camping

RVs make camping life significantly easier and more wholesome.

Enjoy the outdoors, rain or shine! You may now get started on motorhome camping or the van life as it is popularly called. You may make good use of our interactive radar to check the weather conditions as you plan your activities.

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