The Healing Chair, a non-profit helping mastectomy patients, is launching in Wichita

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A non-profit organization helping breast cancer and mastectomy patients heal and find hope will officially launch in Wichita on Friday. 

For the Wichita Chapter Director Jennifer Raymo, the cause is personal. 

"When I first heard the news it was very scary because you have all of those what if questions," said Raymo. 

She was diagnosed with breast cancer just two years ago.

Raymo is a wife, mom, student, and served in the military for 21 years. She was left with questions about the future. 

"We did what we could to make it through surgery, eight rounds of chemo, and 27 rounds of radiation," Raymo said, "I had a bilateral mastectomy, and I had ten lymph nodes removed."

In the days following her surgery, she received a reclining lift chair that helped her lay down and get up when it was hard to find upper body strength. 

Now, through the non-profit, she's helping patients just like her. "It was something I'll never forget, and it was something I wanted to pay forward."

The Healing Chair loans mastectomy patients reclining lift chairs to help with their recovery at home. 

More than physical comfort, the chairs bring hope through stories and community. 

"Every chair has a traveling journal where every recipient, if they so choose, can write their story in it," Raymo explained, "They can hear stories from other women who's been there and done that."

Raymo is a student at Wichita State University, she's using the non-profit as part of her practicum to further help cancer patients and survivors. 

The kick-off event will be held for "The Healing Chair" at Johnson's Garden Center on Friday, September 13th, from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. at both locations. 

There will be live music, food, and wine at the events. 

The money raised at the event and donated by Johnson's Garden Center will go toward purchasing another chair, so the organization can continue helping deserving-patients. 

"The Healing Chair" has a special place in the Johnson family's heart as one of their own fought and beat cancer. 

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