Wichita man returns from the Bahamas

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Alveno McPhaul gets emotional when he thinks about all his friends in the Bahamas are going through.

"We just don't know how blessed we are," McPhaul said. He met a local woman, Peaches, and her family in Freeport last week when he was on a cruise with his wife. "So, we really developed a kinship with each other."

Peaches tells KAKE News she had to take her children through deep waters to get to safety. The waters were filled with dead bodies and snakes.

"I've never seen nothing like it, it's bad," Peaches said. "It's just crazy. Everything here is just crazy." 

She said a cruise ship is taking locals to safety in the United States. Her family waited in line for hours to board, but there were over 4,000 people waiting in front of her. Peaches hopes to get on the next ship tomorrow, but she isn't giving up on her homeland.

"I hope we can rebuild," Peaches said. "Any little thing can help, because we really need it." McPhaul says his friends are running out of time and resources.

"Since the water has cleared, people have been looting and killing each other over water and food," McPhaul said. The Wichita native hopes the US will show some compassion to those affected in the Bahamas. "Wherever you're at in America, just look at your surroundings and see how blessed you are, but some of the blessings we have in our country, we need to extend to some of our neighbors around the world. I just hope that my country does something."

If you would like to help and donate to those affected by hurricane Dorian, you can go online to the Red Cross.

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