8-year-old Colorado boy fights off mountain lion with a stick

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A brave 8-year-old boy has fought off a 64-pound mountain lion with just a stick after the animal attacked him while he was playing with his brother.

Pike Carlson was playing with his older brother Gage on a trampoline Bailey, Colorado when a friend from a neighboring house called out to him.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, when Pike was running to his friend, the mountain lion attacked and bit the boy on his head. 

“The kid was running and it probably triggered the lion’s natural response to a prey animal running,” said Area Wildlife Manager Mark Lamb.

Pike's brother ran inside and told their father what was happening. When Ron Carlson walked outside, he saw the mountain lion on top of his son. 

Yahoo reports Pike yelled for help and grabbed a stick to try and poke the animal in the eye. Once his father approached the mountain lion, it took off. 

Pike has had two surgeries and several stitches since the August 21 attack. One was to repair an eye socket.

GoFundMe says he also suffered “major lacerations to his head, face and neck."

Local wildlife officials say any attack on a human resulting in injury means the animal must be put down. Two mountain lions have been euthanized and tests will be done to determine if one of them attacked Pike. 

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