Elderly Derby man hit by truck at crosswalk, pleading with city leaders for change

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DERBY, Kan. (KAKE) -

An elderly Derby man is in the hospital after being hit by a truck at the crosswalk near Mulberry and Madison.

The 74-year-old will be recovering for months. 

"I have a cracked femur. I have kidney a kidney problem now that I didn't have before...scrapes, bruises," says Terry Haas.

He's kept the same routine for ten years..Get up, get dressed and walk to the Derby Senior Center, but Tuesday he didn't make it.

"I leave our house, walk over Madison on the south side of Madison, make a left. I walk up to the cross walk, and I stop...The next thing I know, I'm laying on the ground in the intersection," he says.

Haas thought he had a clearing, but he didn't. A black truck was coming and the driver didn't see him. The crosswalk does have signs, alerting drivers of potential walkers but trees nearby make it hard to see them.

Haas has already taken precautions to be seen, like wearing a bright orange vest when it's dark.

"And then I have my neon black and neon lime green gloves that I wear, so I'm very conscious, but I shouldn't have to feel that way," he says.

Tuesday was the first time Haas was actually hit, but he's had several close calls, and he's taken his concerns to city leaders more than once. 

"The City Manager and the Chief of Police says it's not cost effective," says Haas.

The city says in part, "City officials will examine the facts and determine if action is needed at this site."

Haas says, "My last comment to them was, 'how long is it gonna take for someone to get killed before you put in a crosswalk?...Hey, I made it, they finally hit me. Now maybe you'll do something about this intersection?"