Police urging caution after string of car thefts

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Four incidents of somebody stealing a car in Ark City, another ten in Wichita. Police are urging drivers to be extra cautious. 

Ricky Johnson is locking his car carefully after his wife's car got broken into with a boulder.

"We came, we woke up one morning, went to go to work and her car was parked over there and it, um, the window was broken out. Big boulder was through it and they took a gym bag," says Johnson.

And this was not an isolated incident.

"We've had an increase in car burglaries, mostly in the south part of town. We use computer software to track crime trends so we were able to quickly identify that we're having a problem there. Along with that we've had about four stolen cars related to that same area," says Eric Burr, Ark City Police Captain.

Johnson readily admits they didn't take the correct precautions to prevent the car burglary.

"The doors were unlocked, too. They could've not broken the window and just gotten in the car. So, just get all your valuables out of there," says Johnson.

Ark City police are doing everything they can to prevent these thefts, including a new initiative they started called 'serial number September.'

"It's an effort to educate people about logging and documenting serial numbers to the things that are most valuable to them. So in the case that something does get stolen, a serial number helps us track that property down," says Burr.

They're also securing the south side of town with a heavier police presence. but they're asking for the public's help in doing diligence.

"We're working hard to solve this problem but we also need their help in doing those little things around their house."

Remember there are a couple easy ways to prevent yourself from being a victim. Every time you get to your destination, don't to forget to roll up your windows, take out your keys, and most importantly, don't forget to lock your car. 

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