ON YOUR SIDE GETS ANSWERS: Tall grass complaints and naming the new Wichita baseball team

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Tall grass and weeds complaints are springing, but who's responsible for taking care of it?

That question came to the KAKE On Your Side team from Ron, who asked, "Who do you call if it's on property owned by a railroad?"

The property Ron is talking about is along Zoo Blvd. in West Wichita.

BNSF owns the land that's overgrown.

KAKE-News talked to the company and learned it has a department to handle tall grass and weeds.

You can go to BNSF's website and fill out a form to pinpoint the location.

And over the past few weeks, we've seen several potential names and logos for the new Wichita baseball team, but one of our viewers, Loren asked how she can submit a name.

Unfortunately, it's too late. The team reports it received 3,000 submissions and already has the final seven chosen.

Stay tuned to KAKE News for the winner, once the team announces it.

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