Wins for Kansas: Even Mermaids Get Leukemia

A local nonprofit is dedicated to helping childhood cancer survivors become kids again.

"I created ‘Even Mermaids Get Leukemia’ to help kids that have just battled cancer or who are just finishing up their battle with cancer become normal kids again,’ says Hannah Soderstrom, the organization’s founder

She’s is in high school, and created this organization because she knows what it's like to have your life put on hold.

"I battled leukemia, and I know how hard it is to get back into everyday life things that may seem easy to you and even me now, that may be difficult for kids just finishing up their battle."

So, she founded ‘Even Mermaids Get Leukemia’ to help kids get back into the swing of things. They provide the help someone might need to get into an activity they previously couldn't do.

"It's up to the kid. Like if they want to have their first swimming lessons, we'll pay for their first swimming lessons. Or if they want to get back into dance, we'll pay for their first year of dance lessons or pay for their dance shoes. If they want to play baseball, we'll pay for some batting practices. It's just whatever the kid wants to do."

Now in its first year, she's looking for kids who need help.

"We're asking for recommendations for kids to come and apply for it. And you can apply on, and we would love to have as many kids as possible."

"I want it to help more kids than anybody ever could have thought. I want this to grow with me as I grow older and I want this to progress."

To help with her mission, KAKE TV and our partners DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers are honored to have her organization as this week's, “Wins for Kansas.”