1st & 10 Preview: Andover Central

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There was a changing of the guard in the Andover Central football program in the offseason. 

Tom Audley, who led the program from it's founding in 2002 stepped down, paving the way for new head man, Derek Tuttle. 

The transition has been a smooth one for Tuttle who spent 17 seasons as an assistant under Audley.

Andover Central returns plenty of playmakers: Xavier Bell, Ty Herrmann and R.J.  Bethea are the top speed demons on this team. The Jags are replacing four offensive linemen which could affect how creative Tuttle is as he continues his duties as the offensive play caller. 

Kind of have to feel that at practice and see how our kids perform and how much consistency we have and that will certainly play a role. Bottom line it comes down to making sure alignment and assignment sound and we get the ball to our playmakers," said Tuttle. "We've kind of done some different things with formations to try and get us to play faster. I'm always looking to improve and if I have to adapt to change and fit our kids I'll do it."