Wichita nurse goes into labor on Labor Day

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A woman and her husband are both nurses at Ascension Via Christi hospitals.
They are used to working on holidays.
But this year, they had a whole different kind of labor day.

"Today was her due date, so it was kind of the running joke oh I'm due on labor day," says Valerie Stilwell.

Their running joke turned into a 6 pound, 9 ounce special delivery.

"We barely made it. Went to the front desk and I was already having the urge to push, and we barely made it to the room. It all happened very quickly," says Stilwell.

After a brief scare that Valerie's husband, Kyle, might have to deliver their daughter in the car, he knows she'll be a go-getter.

"How punctual she is and we appreciate that the labor was not too long."

Although mom did most of the work...she credits dad for getting her there in time.

"Had I known maybe I would have been a little bit more panicky, but I hid it well! Yeah you did. Yeah, I drove the car! 

Now, they get to take a deep breath and admire their new bundle of joy.

Valerie says this has hands down been the most painful kind of work she's had on labor day...but the most rewarding.

"She's definitely worth it. We love her so much," says Stilwell.

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