6-year-old donates hair for the second time

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DERBY, Kan. (KAKE) -

A boy in Derby is letting go of his long locks and donating it all to charity. Liam Milligan is only 6-years-old and this is already the second time he's done this.

Great Clips partners with Wigs for Kids, a charity whose mission is to "help children look like themselves and live their lives." The wigs go to children ages 2 to 18 who suffer from hair loss due to cancer and other illnesses. 

When Liam was just four years old, he chose to cut it all off and then start over. His mother, Christal Milligan couldn't be more proud of her son's perseverance, "it makes me happy. I mean he's a very little person doing something that's pretty big."

Dean Ladd is the owner of the Great Clip in Derby. He says the hair is now being prepped to get sent out. "That hair will be properly processed. She will put it in a ponytail, we will put it in a Ziplock baggie, make sure it's dry, we don't want it to be wet because it will mold before it gets there." 

Ladd encourages everyone to donate if they can, "Do it because there is a great need for Wigs for Kids and hair donations, especially natural hair donations." 

Liam and his mom aren't sure if he'll be donating again, but she is letting him make that decision for himself. "I mean it's obviously it's a little thing to just cut your hair and give it to somebody. You're not using it. But it's a big decision for somebody so young to make for themselves."