Two Butler County dogs die of Antifreeze poisoning

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A man in Butler County is searching for answers after two of his dogs died from Antifreeze poisoning. Neighbors in Beaumont say they're worried for their own dogs now and the dog owner is hoping for justice. 

Chris Cokeley is devastated after losing two of his dogs suddenly, another dog, barely hanging on, "I immediately panicked, i was pretty hysterical."

Bella and Axle were both full-bred pitbulls, a father and his daughter. Cokeley claims on Monday, August 19th, his 3-year-old dog, Axle started acting intoxicated. Cokeley rushed Axle to the emergency clinic in Wichita looking for answers, "Tuesday morning i became frustrated, i still had no answers, still had no idea what was going on."

Shortly after, Axle was transferred to a local vet in El Dorado. Cokeley went home and that's when he found something suspicious in his yard. "Blue Bunny Ice Cream container with the top half cut off filled with used kitchen grease."

The El Dorado Animal Clinic confirms Axle and Bella both died of ethylene glycol poisoning, most commonly used in Antifreeze. Cokeley immediately filed a police report, but says nothing was done right away, "I was told that it was not a serious enough crime for the kbi to test the substance that was found in the container." 

After Cokeley applied pressure on social media, a butler county deputy returned nearly two weeks later. He gathered a sample from the ice cream container for testing. Cokeley's 10-year-old chihuahua is still suffering. "They deserve justice. My dogs deserve justice for this horrible incident that they didn't deserve, we didn't deserve. My hope now is to find out who is responsible for taking my two dogs away from me."

KAKE News reached out to the Butler County Sheriff's Department and haven't heard anything back yet. Cokeley plans to take matters into his own hands and is offering a $750 cash reward for any information about this case. 

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