Football coaches see a lot of benefits from jamboree

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Heights, Maize and Garden City met on the gridiron in the first jamboree put on by the falcons, an event made possible due in part to the close relationship of Garden City's Brian Hill and Heights Dominick Dingle. 

"We talked about this before the vote actually happened that if something like this were to go that we would like to get together," Hill said. 

Dingle was apart of Hill's coaching staff at Garden City and was thrilled to welcome his former boss to the Wichita area.

"Those guys are like family," Dingle said. "We had been there since, or I had been there since 10 or 11 years that's like home." 

The format for this jamboree consisted of each team playing 9 snaps on offense and defense each quarter to ensure both teams received plenty of reps. 

"Sometimes when the rotation happens just because of the three team rotation that you sit for an awful long time, but at the same time that's good for the kids," Hill stated. "When kids get tired that's when they're going to possibly get injured." 

Maize caught fire in the second half scoring two touchdowns while rotating quarterbacks. 

"We gave a lot of those younger kids reps and then the guys that we thought could do something we obviously took a few reps for us to take a look at them and make sure that they could and we saw some good things," Maize coach Gary Guzman said after the jamboree. 

Heights and Garden City had their fair share of good plays, but both coaches say tonight gave them a few things to fix before their season begins next week 

"I thought we could have been a little bit better in some areas with holding calls and some of those things," Dingle said. 

"I have a lot of young players, and this is their first varsity experience," Hill said. "We made a lot of mistakes, jumping off sides. Blowing some assignments. All in all I think it's going to give us something to build on for next week."