Boats and Bikes promises new opportunities along River

For years, Wichita State’s rowing team hasn’t had a permanent home until now.

“It’s a very rewarding and great place to finally have,” said senior and rower Nick Thompson.

In the bottom floor of River Vista Apartments, the shop called Boats and Bikes just opened up. From kayaks to paddle boats and even bicycles – they’re all available to rent.

The shop’s purpose is two-fold, give WSU’s rowing team a permanent home and open a shop to the public that encourages activities on and along the river.

“We got to this point by people believing it could happen and sticking to it,” Calvin Cupp, WSU Rowing Coach.

At least, once the river is open.

“The type of rainfall and flooding we had, it’s not typical,” Cupp said. “We know on the average year we will be open.”

Development along the river has been discussed by city officials since the 1920s. It’s picked up momentum in the last several years, but city leaders are tasked with how to keep that momentum going.

“With the rowing team being here… and then with what’s going on at the baseball stadium and with the Riverfront development, the Riverfront Legacy on the east side, those are the things that will keep this momentum going,” said City Councilmember Cindy Claycomb.