Red Cross south central and south east chapter ready for action in wake of Hurricane Dorian


The American Red Cross is sending people and supplies to potentially impacted and already impacted areas from Hurricane Dorian.

"Right now, we're deploying over 600 volunteers that are trained across the country, 20 emergency response vehicles and then multiple trailers full of disaster relief supplies to the areas that could potentially be impacted," said Shannon Wedge, Executive Director of the American Red Cross south central and south east Kansas chapter.

According to Wedge, two people within that number of people are from Kansas. They have also sent people to places like the Virgin Islands, which has already been hit by the hurricane, causing flooding and destruction. However, with recent storm damage in Kansas and in case anything happens, the American Red Cross south central and south east chapter is still focused on what happens at home.

"We have a local team here, of local volunteers that live in these areas," Wedge said. "So if there's flooding here or any issues they will be deployed to things locally."

Westar is also focusing on local issues as of right now and plans to reevaluate the help that's needed in impacted areas in the coming days, according to officials.

While focusing at home, the American Red Cross south central and south east chapter did some pre-planning , getting some pre-positioned supplies to make shelters.

"That is how we plan is by having materials within certain areas and that way we can respond quickly," Wedge said.

Right now, according to Wedge, they are working with emergency management in impacted and potentially impacted areas to asses what help is needed after any damage that has occurred or could occur. One thing she said they will need for sure is blood donations.

"We need blood before the disaster occurs," she said. "So we need to stock shelves now with blood."

Blood donations are being taken Saturday, Aug. 31 by the American Red Cross south central south east chapter from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and if you can't donate blood they do accept money as a donation.

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