Sedgwick County won't seek vote on slot machines at Greyhound Park

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Sedgwick County commissioners have pulled an agenda item seeking a referendum on electronic gaming. 

Commissioners said they support voters having a chance to weigh in on a licensed pari-mutuel facility, but a referendum is the authority of state lawmakers, according to a news release from the county.

A ballot question, if passed by a majority of voters, would have been presented to the Kansas Legislature for its consideration to authorize electronic machine gaming at the former Wichita Greyhound Park, which closed in 2007.

Sedgwick County voters considered allowing slot machines at a licensed pari-mutuel location in 2007, but the ballot question failed by a narrow margin. 

Chairman David Dennis praised his fellow Commissioners for working through the issue over the past week and he thanked the public.

“Thank you to the public for being so vocal,” Dennis said, “and for working through an issue that has been very trying.”

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Voters may have the chance to decide whether or not slot machines will be allowed in Sedgwick County.

A new proposal has suggested putting electronic gaming on the November 5th, 2019 ballot. The Proposition would allow slot machines at locations like Wichita's Greyhound Park.  A similar proposition was put to vote in 2007 but was not passed by voters.

Information that was provided on the issue states: 

"The purpose of this resolution is to again put the proposition on the ballot for the
November 5, 2019 election to allow the voters of Sedgwick County another opportunity
to determine if electronic gaming machines would be allowed at a parimutuel facility in
Sedgwick County."

The issue will be discussed at Wednesday's County Commission meeting.

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