Parents concerned over head lice policy changes in Kansas schools

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Ian Murdock is sending his young daughter off to school for the first time.

And while there's a lot to think about, he's confused about the head lice policy. 

"Hey look there's lice here you need to be prepared just in case your kid comes home with it. Then the parents get it and take it to work that would be both embarrassing and frustrating for everybody involved," says Murdock.

And Murdock is not alone.

"I just don't think it's a very good idea because it's going to spread tremendously if parents aren't aware to watch for it or treat for it," says Janet Mans.

School nurse Kris Pfeifer explains the reasoning behind changes over the years. 

"It is different now because they have done research and very few transmissions of head lice from child to child happen at school. It usually happens sleepovers, camp outs," says Pfeifer.

One of the biggest reasons for changes in regulation over the years is the increasing issue of absences and the need for children to be in the classroom.

The new protocol is simple: if they find a live bug, you can come get your child, or they can stay at school, get treated that night, and come back the next day.