'We've got his back': Upperclassmen befriend freshman sitting alone at lunch

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A group of upperclassmen at a North Carolina high school made a new friend in a freshman who did not have anyone to sit with during lunch on his first day of school.

Caleb Wrenn a 14-year-old Reidsville High School student, told WXII he sat alone at lunch and was being picked on for being short. He said he's used to it and wasn't that upset when it happened on his first day of high school. He assumed it would happen. 

“When I got home, I told my sister about all of that and my sister, being my sister, made a huge tweet about it that’s viral right now,” Wrenn told the NBC affiliate

Here's the tweet he's talking about:

His sister, Leah tweeted a picture of the texts she shared with her brother after he told her he ate lunch alone because he didn't have any friends. Caleb said, "they think I'm a loser because I'm short." 

After seeing the tweet, some upperclassmen and student athletes joined Caleb in the cafeteria. The football team shared a photo with Caleb on Twitter.

The team invited Caleb to join them for lunch, and several team members requested their lunch times be changed so they could always sit with him.

Caleb's story even got the attention of actor Jacob Tremblay.

Information in this story was used with permission from NBC affiliate WXII in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.