Kansans on standby to help with Hurricane Dorian relief

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Kansans are on standby to help with disaster relief as Hurricane Dorian approaches the U.S. The storm is expected to hit Florida Monday, intensifying as a Category 4 storm. The governor has already declared a state of emergency.


The American Red Cross has volunteers who are prepared for disaster. While a majority of them help with assisting people after a house fire, they are trained to help with something large-scale, like a hurricane. If Kansas gets a call, they will fly volunteers to Florida to help set up shelters and contribute to other life-saving efforts, said Shannon Wedge, executive director for the South Central and Southeast Kansas Chapter of the American Red Cross.

The Red Cross responds to more than 62,000 disasters each year. Volunteers make up 95 percent of its workers on those sites. To become a volunteer, click here.


Wedge said volunteers go through training before being sent to sites like this. While it may be too late to help with this storm, she said people could always donate blood; these donations help people who have been in accidents, burn victims, transplant patients and those who are battling cancer.

Blood donations can save up to three lives

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood

The blood type hospitals request the most if “Type O,” though all types are welcome

To find a blood donation site near you, click here.


Power companies are also preparing for the possibility of sending linemen out to help communities affected by the storm. A representative from Midwest Energy said emergency management agencies in State of Florida will map out a plan for what is needed. Then, those agencies will reach out to nearby states for help. Eventually, other states may be called to assist, including those in Kansas. When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, Midwest Energy sent five crew to the region.

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