Kansas schools reported 2,100 concussions last school year

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Kansas high and middle schools reported more than 2,100 concussions last year,  the Kansas State High School Activities Association reported today.  The 2018-19 school year was the first time schools were required to report concussions.

The three sports with the highest incidence of reported concussions were football (6.16%), girls soccer (3.63%) and wrestling (2.98%). 

Of the reported concussions, 60 percent were reported to be the student's first ever concussion.  37% of the concussions happened in practice,  63% during competition.

The news didn't come as a surprise to high school football coaches, who say they're also taking significant steps to reduce that number further.

"We teach the fundamentals and preach some of those things. Keep the head out of it, keep the kids safe," said Wichita Heights Football Coach Dominick Dingle. 

Coaches across the city said they've implemented significant changes, including drills in practice.

"When I was playing, it was taught to get your head across in front," said Bishop Carroll Head Coach Dusty Trial. "Well, that puts the head directly in contact.

Trail said at his school, they've changed their drills, too to minimize the chance of head impacts during practice. There's also been new helmets placed on the market and while they're expensive, he does say they make a difference.