Hoxie-native astronaut shares about life aboard the International Space Station


Space exploration has been Nick Hague's dream since he was a little boy staring at the stars in Hoxie, Kansas. 

"The world seemed so big, and so many things seemed like they were out of reach," said Hague, "I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, I wanted to be a part of that big world."

Hague and a crew blasted off in a Soyuz rocket in March. The team spent the last six months participating in hundreds of science investigations to improve life on earth.

"We're learning more about how our bodies behave and about diseases and how to counteract those diseases."

The crew also installed a new docking port that will help the future of the American Space Program. 

Hague said adapting to life in space has been an exciting challenge. 

"Just getting used to moving around, life on orbit, you can change everything just by the way you  float into a different module," Hague said as he floated around.

"It's just miraculous from the perspective that you get, but one of the most rewarding aspects of it is you feel like you're part of this team."

Hague has another important mission, encouraging Kansas kids to go after their goals and dream big. 

"Nothing is out of your reach, it may be challenging, there may be setbacks, but nothing is out of your reach."