'Polar Coaster': Farmers' Almanac predicts frigid, snowy winter

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Brace yourselves, Kansas! If you believe the Farmers' Almanac, we're in for a frigid and snowy winter.

The almanac's extended weather forecast predicts a “Polar Coaster Winter” that will make for plenty of freezing temperatures and snow in most of the country.

According to the almanac, the coldest stretch of winter will be during the final week of January and the beginning of February.

But a glance at NOAA's three-month outlook shows uncertainty in what Kansas can expect this winter, with an equal chance for above, normal or below normal precipitation and most of the state seeing temperatures slightly above normal.

Dave Hennen, senior meteorologist and executive producer for CNN Weather, says the almanac's outlook should be taken with a grain of salt -- and not necessarily road salt.

"It's difficult enough to do a five-day forecast," he said. "We're really good at the day of and the next day, (and) we're better at temperature a ways out than precipitation. But to forecast out that far in advance ... even the science behind our long-range forecasting is sometimes not that solid."