Mail stolen, mailboxes gone in West Wichita neighborhood

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A west Wichita resident was on her way home, and pulled up to get the mail when she realized the whole mailbox was gone.

"They're opening all the doors with crowbars and just popping them right open," says Sharon Brandon.

Now she's worried her personal information is taken.

"Someone could be a target for identity theft with credit card offers, mortgage finance statements, and different things like that coming through the mail," says Brandon.

And Sharon Brandon is not the only victim in this case.

"I didn't realize it was a neighborhood-wide thing going on until I ran into my mail carrier yesterday who advised me that there were over 30 mailboxes in our area that had been vandalized and had been vandalized and had been removed," says Brandon.

Now, it's not just causing residents concern, but inconvenience, too.

"At this point we have no idea when we'll be getting a mailbox back and all of the mailboxes are on backorder. So at this point we'll be going to the post office to get our mail," says Brandon.

Knowing it could happen to anyone, Brandon urges everyone to just be aware.

"Be hyper-vigilant about what's going on in your community. I was obviously gone at work so there's nothing I could've done. Just report any suspicious activity or anyone that you know shouldn't be in your neighborhood. A lot of this is happening on a lot of dead end and cul-de-sac streets and right in front of people's homes," says Brandon.