Elevated lake levels before Labor Day weekend

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Lakes all across Kansas are seeing elevated levels after months of record rainfall. Tim Weide and his family are spending the end of their summer at the El Dorado lake, "right now it's pretty wet. We had quite a bit of rain last night. It rained all night long and it's supposed to rain some more today. But we decided we were coming out to the lake, rain or shine."

The El Dorado State Park is filled with washed up roads and flooded campsites. After a heavy rain Saturday night and with storms all summer long, the spillways released tons of water. But with more rain in the forecast, Weide warns swimmers of potentially dangerous currents, "we were down here a couple weeks ago and it was really a lot higher and the water was rushing pretty strong. But today it's not so bad."

Some campgrounds across the lake remain closed and workers say they're still in the process of cleaning up, "all of the electrical sources out there have been flooded out and damaged. So they are going to have to rebuild that area," says Jason Wortman, a Gate Host at the El Dorado State Park. 

With Labor Day weekend approaching, some campers are hoping the rain will slow down. "Just always watch the weather, be cautious. If it's going to flood, just leave," says Edna Boschman, a camper at El Dorado State Park. 

Weide is concerned the record rainfall will keep campers away, "I just encourage people to still come outside and enjoy the great outdoors while they can."