David Koch remembered for generosity, sense of humor

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The Wichita-born businessman is being remembered for his generosity to various causes and organizations.

"I believe that David and his entire family are incredibly generous philanthropists and care deeply about the causes they choose to support," said Katy Dorrah, executive  director of Mark Arts.

David and Julia Koch donated a million dollars to create the Mark Arts building at the corner of 13th Street and Rock Road.

"Since he hasn't lived in Wichita in many years, it meant a lot to us that he wanted to honor his mother in a special way," said Dorrah. 

Dorrah added that David talked fondly of his mother, Mary, who is the namesake of the Mary R. Koch Arts Center or Mark Arts.

"He really was passionate about his family. I felt so honored to be able to talk to him about that and his memories of growing up here in Wichita and definitely the impact his mother had on him," she said.

According to Koch Industries, David Koch pledged or contributed more than $1.295 billion to cancer research, medical centers, educational institutions, arts and cultural centers, and public policy organizations.

"David Koch left an indelible mark on the eleemosynary activities, the generosity that he had with charities," said family friend and Wichita businessman, Nestor Weigand Jr.

Weigand added that David had a sense of humor.

"David was one of those guys who was way more jocular than people realized. He loved to tell jokes. He laughed harder at his own jokes than the people listening to him," said Weigand.

During his 2014 interview with Barbara Walters, David Koch said he would like to be remembered as someone who "did his best to make the world a better place." 

"I'll remember him as a very generous individual who had a love for life and he was very open to it. I think anybody that knew him, would agree with that," said Weigand.

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