Photographer captures powerful moment as storms roll in

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A Wichita photographer’s pictures of a couple are getting attention and reaction from thousands, which was taken moments before Wednesday night’s storms.

“You just saw the clouds form and you saw the wind blow and the sunflowers were blowing like crazy,” said Ashli Weatherby, owner of Beck and Roam Photography. “I just sat there and thought this is crazy. This is insane. These are my favorite pictures ever. We have to post these right now.”

She was at an orchard in Clearwater when the storms rolled in. But they had just enough time to capture pictures of her clients with the dark clouds looming behind.

Weatherby has only been a professional photographer for a couple of years. She also owns a business in West Wichita and said that the power of a picture has captivated her entire family.

“My grandma used to buy me a camera every Christmas,” she said.

To her, the color of the clouds even took her by surprise. She didn’t realize the power of the moment she captured until she looked at the pictures after the shoot.

“Looking out and just stepping back and looking – it was insane. And beautiful out there and being in the middle of all of it,” she said. “I think it perfectly captured Kansas into one photo. You had sunflowers, the storm that happened… is something to be in awe about.”

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