Woman catches 'crazy-looking' fish with 2 mouths

Knotty Boys Fishing/Facebook Knotty Boys Fishing/Facebook

New York woman got quite a mouthful with this catch.

Debbie Geddes, of Plattsburgh, was out fishing on Lake Champlain on Friday afternoon when she felt her catch dragging in the water more than usual. She thought it was just going to be a large fish.

Instead, what she reeled in was a normal-sized lake trout but with a distinctly abnormal feature: two large mouths.

"They were in disbelief," Adam Facteau, spokesman for the Knotty Boys Fishing team, of which Geddes is a member, told ABC News Wednesday. "It’s just unreal."

A two headed Lake Trout was caught by Debbie Geddes on Lake Champlain.

Facteau said he’s never seen a fish like it, and since posting the image he has been bombarded with messages of possible theories on its unusual look.

"I had people from all over the world commenting on what could be the possible cause of this having two mouths," he said. "People have theories that it was injured when it was younger, some biologists think it could have been a genetic birth defect."

Even with the many hypothesis, Facteau said he hasn’t figured out the exact reasoning behind the trout’s multiple mouths.

"That’s the interesting part. Everyone has an opinion, but regardless it’s wild. It’s just a crazy looking fish," he said.

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