Thieves using open garage doors, unlocked side doors

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MAIZE, Kan. (KAKE) -

Maize Police are warning people that thieves are breaking in through open garage doors and unlocked side doors.

"When we have people that are going into people's homes that rises to a whole other level that we are absolutely concerned with in law enforcement," said Detective Jeff Piper, Maize Police Department.

Overnight Monday, thieves broke in through a locked side door and stole items from a garage in the Fiddler's Cove neighborhood, by 37th and Tyler.

During that same time frame, thieves walked into an unlocked side door and stole two cars from the garage at a home in the Tyler's Landing neighborhood, by 37th and Tyler.

"Evidence has shown us in other investigations that a lot of these people are suffering from some sort of drug addiction and they're opportunists looking for profit that they can further their addiction," said Piper. "That in it of itself is concerning because people who are using illegal drugs are often times unpredictable and they can be volatile if confronted by a homeowner."

Piper suggests a nightly routine to make sure doors are locked and outside lights are turned on. 

"Let's light up our neighborhoods. Let's make it less convenient for opportunists to come into our neighborhoods in the middle of the night, in the cover of darkness," he said.

Police also say it is important to call in anyone or anything suspicious in neighborhoods.