Wichita police officer's wife remains in ICU after motorcycle accident

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It was early last week when the unthinkable happened for Wichita police officer, Casey Richwine, and his wife, Erin.

"One of our officers was on a motorcycle, had his wife on the back, totally off-duty, and a deer ran out in front of him," says WPD officer, Steve Jerrell.

Richwine did his best to avoid the deer, but he lost control of the bike and went down. While Richwine's injuries are minimal, Erin's are much worse. Their brother's in blue are stepping up without hesitation.

"You take a big gasp, because we're all family. We're all one," says Jerrell.

Erin hasn't woken up yet, but life around her hasn't stopped. Her two young boys started school and her youngest celebrated his 7th birthday.

"School started back late last week, early this week....So the officer's trying to be there for his wife, but he's also got a couple of kids to make sure they're ready for school," says Jerrell.

But even as the boys wait, their dad and friends, like Esther Vantleven are trying to keep life as normal as possible.

"Her boys have been so strong through this, it's just amazing. They're ready to see mom but they know they patiently have to wait," says Vantleven.

She knows the road ahead will be long, but she's been instrumental in making sure the family is taken care of.

"Medical bills haven't started coming in yet, and that's there biggest concern...Insurance will cover it, but it's just the little things," she says.

But even through the expenses, Richwine's priorities remain clear...His boys, his wife and her recovery.

"Casey has been phenomenal. He is such a good husband and a dad. He has been a strong shoulder for everybody in the hospital and Erin is going to be so proud of him when she wakes up," says Vantleven.

If  you'd like to help the Richwine's, you can donate to their Go Fund Me page here.

You can also donate through the Honore Adversis Program through the Wichita Police Department. If you donate here, make sure to mention the Richwine's in the memo line.

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