Coaches are taking steps to prepare athletes for the extreme heat

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MAIZE, Kan. (KAKE) -

Two-a-days in football started on Monday and with temperatures expected to hit one-hundred degrees, coaches are doing what they can to keep the players healthy. 

It was already almost 80 degrees this morning when football players across Kansas lined up for drills. "It's really hot out here. I don't know what the heat index is, but we want to make sure everybody is safe," says Andrew Hanlin, a senior football player at Maize High.

Hanlin says he's used to playing in these conditions, "in the heat it makes it a lot harder because you've got to make sure everybody gets their water and everybody is doing all good and nobody is passing out or anything like that." 

Football coaches are taking steps to prepare their players for the extreme heat. "Just keep hydrating. We get through these first couple weeks, we should be alright. But the first two weeks are always rough. It's always a scary time. You've got to be smart as a coach," says Gary Guzman, the Maize High football coach.

Guzman has been coaching for years and he says educating his players on heat related-symptoms is the most important thing coaches emphasize, "we tell our players to look out for each other. If anybody starts acting different, we want to know. We want to treat these kids like they're our kids as well." 

Hanlin says playing in the heat is hard, but his coaches are smart about it, "well i'll check up on my teammates to make sure they're all good. Like during drills and all that stuff. And coaches will give water breaks every ten minutes and they'll make sure it's a good water break so everybody is doing good." 

Players at Maize High will practice without full pads until Friday and coaches tell say it's not about staying out of the heat, it's about preparing the athletes to be in it. 

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