French bulldog runs away, found after hit by car


A Wichita woman's French bulldog ran away last week from their south Wichita home, when the gate in their backyard was left open.

Donna Vo is the owner of Bixby, the French bulldog, and she said she let him out in their backyard. According to Vo, she didn't know the gate was open at the time and when she went outside he was gone.

"I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, my house looks like a tornado, I couldn't even clean it," Vo said. "But I knew that I had to be strong to find Bixby."

Vo has an autistic daughter, and she said Bixby was one of their dogs that played an emotional support role with her.

"When she has anxiety, they help calm her down," she said.

She said she isn't sure how the gate was opened, but she started the search for the dog immediately, passing out flyers and posting on social media. She and her boyfriend walked the neighborhood, and her boyfriend decided to try the fire department just across the street. One firefighter there told him he saw Bixby.

"He had seen some people playing with him on the corner of my street," Vo said about the firefighters statement.

However, a woman named Angela Liggett said she saw Bixby get hit by a car, so she pulled over to help after following him in her car.

"Got out, and walked up to him and he came immediately to the curb to me and I just checked out his legs and seen that he had real bad scrapes and marks on him," Liggett said.

According to Liggett, she said she wanted to knock on doors to see if he was from anywhere nearby. She said a woman that was behind the car who hit Bixby told her she knew a veterinarian. So, she let the dog go with her.

"I said if you will make sure that this dog gets taken care of that would be great," Liggett said.

Later, Liggett said she saw Vo's postings on social media and the fliers. She made a phone call to the woman that had her and four days from when he went missing, Bixby was returned home. Unsure if he was taken to a veterinarian, Vo took him and got medication to heal his wounds on his back legs from being hit by a car. Now, with him returned home, Vo was in tears holding her dog that she said she thought she might never see again.

"Everybody that was looking for him," Vo said. "I thank you very, very much for helping me find my dog."

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