KU Football Begins Rebuild with "Three Miles"

KU is 23-97 over the last 10 years. Meaning any rebuild wont happen over night.

The Jayhawks begin that marathon with three miles.

That’s three miles on the field not on the track.

Les is now joined by his two sons Manny and Ben who have transferred into the program. 

"It’s a joy to be honest with you," Miles said recently. 

The family reunion extends past Les' two sons. His youngest daughter is at Lawrence Free State and Smacker Miles now works for Kansas Athletic’s Jayhawk Insider reporting on her dad’s team.

"My brother was in Omaha, Nebraska, I was in North Carolina, my sister was in Austin, Texas and my family was in Baton Rouge. So we were spread out in four different places and now we’re all in Lawrence so that’s awesome," said Manny Miles, a quarterback for Kansas. 

"I went to grab one of them and started teaching and I said oh lord this is my son and I didn’t know if it’s exactly what I should do," Les Miles said. "Or hey someone else coach this kid would you?"

From top to bottom the Miles bunch is filled with decorated athletes.

"We bring up who has more state championships and who doesn’t have one," Manny told KAKE. "Macy just won her first one with Free State. We have the conversation of who’s the best all around athlete all the time. My mom was a basketball player and softball player. My dad wrestled and played football. My brother wrestled and played football and my sister was a swimmer and she started winning state championships when she was in 8th grade." 

Between the rekindling of sibling rivalries and the clashing of pads between the lines, Miles has a lot to smile about now a days.

"You get to see them struggle because everybody struggles," Miles said. "This is competition. You don’t just walk on to the field and go here I am. That is what you want. You want your family for that matter to physically fight and compete and struggle."